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All About Christina

This is me when I have too much sugar in my system------->

Name: Christina - NOT Christine, Tina, DarkMonkeyWhoGrabBananaAtNight, or anything of the like!! =P

Birthday: January 4th, 1983 - I cannot *believe* I am an adult!!

Height: 5"6. This means that my guy cannot be 5"7, 5"8, 5"9, etc. Must be 6"0 or above!! - and he is!! =) Here is a link to his website:

Location: never mind where I am now - I *will* be in Boston for college!

School: I will be a First Year at Wellesley College in three months and counting!

Authors (fantasy authors, one and all): Robert Jordan is my favorite of all time, but I must admit...George R. R. Martin, Haruki Murakami, William Goldman, and Madeliene L'Engle are all quite good as well!

Anime: Ranma 1/2, a rilly quoo anime!! I also enjoy watching TriGun w/ the infamous Vash the Stampede! hehehe...

Movies: The Last Unicorn, The Princess Bride, Contact, Bridget Jones' Diary

Music: Chyi Yu, Suzanne Vega, 112, Utada Hikaru, Beethoven, myself(HEEHEE)

Recent Developments: I cannot find a job! I cannot find a job! Will you please give me a job?

Well, just hop on back to my page, will ya???

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