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Ranma 1/2 Is Quoo!!

Aren't they the cutest couple?!?

Hi, and welcome to my lil' Ranma site. I first started obsessing over this anime in the sixth grade, and I haven't stopped since. Even though the series is over, it will always reign as the best anime ever. Good job, Rumiko Takahashi!

This site, unlike those huge link sites with every single Ranma site on the net, only has the best of the best. These links are my personal favorites--the ones I actually visit at least once a month. Also, I have an image archive, goodies for download...and a whole lot of fun! ^_^

Awesome Ranma Links

Bruno's Anime Video Archive He's got all the intros and outros in realvideo format - pretty quoo!
Crystal Net Video They have two English music videos compiled by Frank Ho with some of Ranma's best scenes and shots in realvideo format-- this is my favorite site!
Ranma 1/2's Most Embarrassing Moments You've got that right! I couldn't stop laughing!! Page after page after page...
The Ranma and Akane Shrine no matter what people say or will say in the future, I still think Ranma and Akane make the best couple. Face it - they were meant for each other! Lots of goodies & downloadables + an awesome layout!
The Ranma 1/2 Library midis, pictures, synopses, mp2s, wav files, emulator games
The Tsubasa Shrine dedicated to the most screwed-up character in Ranma. It's hard to believe, but this guy is more wacked-out-zonkers than Ranma himself! The site has movie clips, images, sound files...
Why Ranma Is Afriad of His Mommie hmmm...wonder why Nodoka is wandering around w/ a deadly kitana?
The World of Rumiko Takahashi Get some insight on the maker of Ranma 1/2 - what a brilliant lady!

My Stuff

Doco 1-1s, 3 MGs This is a quicktime file in English introducing the main characters and showing when they first meet...If you look closely enough at the end of the thing, the background has some interesting words on it...
Love, Panic!,0.6 MGs this is my shortened version of the song, about 50 secs long
My Ranma 1/2 Image Archive These are my favorite Ranma pix!

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