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Rants and Comments!!

1.First, I'd like to say that I finally bought the Wheel of Time Computer Game!!! It took me a couple of days just to get throught the Tutorial, and now I'm on the second level.

2.Hey, I just GOTTA lay my hands on the Collectible Card Game!! I heard that a starter pack for two is $20.00. If anyone out there has the name of a specific store that I could visit in the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex to get some cards, e-mail me @

3.Oh,yeah. I'm taking Psychology rite now, and we're studying Consciousness. I never knew that lucid dreaming was a reality - that people actually did this in real life. Aware of being in a dream while you're dreaming, and able to control your dream as well... One of my friends at school told me that she is actually a lucid dreamer!! This sounds just like Dreamwalking in tel'aran'rhiod!! Check out some sites on Lucid Dreaming:

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