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Fan Art!!!

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The first fan art I did is this picture of Aran'gar. It took me a full 20 minutes! Really deranged character, this gal. She used to be a man in her past life. She was and is one of the Chosen, is named after a dagger, shows up on page 332 of Path of Dags, and has an interesting description in the Guide. You should check it out...
Yes, I know...she is cross-eyed, there is no shading, but's my first attempt!

Rand al'Thor
This was my second attempt, and my first try at a MAIN character. You can see the improvements, can't you? I know, you must hate the bright, red flaming hair, but hey - it matches his red coat, y'know?!? ;P
Next time, I'll be sure to get the eyes rite! On Arangar, they're crossed, and on Rand, the left one looks rilly bad (too big...). Sorry about the smudging, too...

Min Farshaw
Yes, she's the girl who sees visions, dates the most powerful man in the world, and (who I think) might be the daughter of Jain Farstrider (Farshaw sounds close, doesn't it?--and you know how legendary people's names change... Farshaw to Farstrider isn't that great of a diff).

Ack!! Someone told me that she is a brunette w/ green eyes, so I just *had* to color the pic! In the first pic, she looks like a blonde...Well, actually, in both, she looks Seanchan...
Please e-mail me about which pic looks best.

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